Sutton Car Boot Sales

When reviewing Sutton Car Boot Sales in the area we found three regular car boot sales with an additional three close by in Epsom,
Mum 2 Mum run two of these one in Sutton and one in Epsom
Weekends are the most popular day whilst at Sutton indoor market a regular year-round venue opens at 7 o’clock on a Tuesday.

So lets start with Banstead, Easy to get to and a popular spot to turn unwanted items into cash !


Car Boot Sale Banstead
Address: The Moorlands, 4a Croydon Lane, Sutton, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 3AS
Type: Outdoor
Held on: Saturday
Seller start 09.00am
Buyer start 09.00am
From/To: Aug to Oct
Frequency: Regular
Seller fee: Cars £8.00   Vans £12.00
Entry fee: Adult entry £1.00 Child entry FREE
Refreshments: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Disabled toilets: No
Disabled access: Yes
Disabled parking: Yes
Sellers No details
Contact Jo
Contact telephone: 07813 052539
Contact email:
Website: No details

On to Sutton itself this is one of the Sutton Car Boot Sales and has a benefit of being indoors and not only that it is a year round sale, this leads to regular sellers and  buyers so is never quiet.

Sutton Car Boot sales

Car Boot Sale Mum2Mum market Sutton
Address: The Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4DP
Type: Indoor
Held on: Saturday
Seller start 09.00am
Buyer start 10:00am
From/To: Jan to Dec
Frequency: Regular
Seller fee: Cars £25.00
Entry fee: Adult entry £2 Child entry FREE
Refreshments: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Disabled toilets: No
Disabled access: Yes
Disabled parking: No
Sellers 200 cars
Contact mum2mum sutton
Contact telephone:
Contact email:

At the same location but with a different operator and organised for a Tuesday this will have a different range of visitors and sellers one of the best of Sutton Car Boot Sales.

Sutton Car Boot sales

Car Boot Sale Sutton Indoor Market
Address: Thomas Wall Centre, Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4AD
Type: Outdoor / Indoor
Held on: Tuesday
Seller start 07.00am
Buyer start 07.30am
From/To: Jan to Dec
Frequency: Regular
Seller fee: Cars £10.00
Entry fee: Entry FREE
Refreshments: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Disabled toilets: Yes
Disabled access: Yes
Disabled parking: Yes
Sellers 20 cars
Contact Raymond
Contact telephone: 07950 107357
Contact email:
Website: Website:   No details

Another Mum2Mum organised Sutton Car boot sales this time in Epsom.

Sutton Car Boot Sales

Car Boot Sale Epsom Mum2Mum Market
Address: Ruxley Church, Ruxley Lane, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 0JG
Type: Indoor
Held on: Saturday
Seller start 13:00
Buyer start 14:00
From/To: Jun to Nov
Frequency: Regular
Seller fee: Cars £22.00
Entry fee: Adult entry £2.00 Child entry FREE
Refreshments: Refreshments:   Yes
Toilets: Toilets:   Yes
Disabled toilets: Disabled toilets:   Yes
Disabled access: Disabled access:   Yes
Disabled parking: Disabled parking:   Yes
Sellers 20 cars
Contact No details
Contact telephone: Contact telephone:   No details
Contact email:

Feel good about yourself at Sutton Car Boot Sales as all the proceeds of putting on this sale go towards buying Medical equipment.

Sutton Car Boot Sales

Car Boot Sale Charity In Aid of Epsom Medical Equipment Fund Supported By AutoTest
Address: Epsom General Hospital, Dorking Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7EG
Type: Outdoor
Held on: Sunday
Seller start 07.30am
Buyer start 09.00am
From/To: Mar to Oct
Frequency: Regular
Seller fee: Seller fee:   Car sellers £10.00 Van sellers £12.00
Entry fee: Entry FREE
Refreshments: Refreshments:   Yes
Toilets: Toilets:   Yes
Disabled toilets: Disabled toilets:   Yes
Disabled access: Disabled access:   Yes
Disabled parking: Disabled parking:   Yes
Sellers 60 cars
Contact Bess Harding, Mbe
Contact telephone: 020 8337 8181
Contact email:

A good link for Sutton Car Boots sales can be found here from Netmums

London election results – 10 most surprising

Sutton News Blog

David Cameron may be back in 10 Downing Street today but things weren’t so straight forward for the Conservatives in London.

On London’s 73 seats, Labour won seven more than in 2010 with a total of 45.

The Tories lost six to end up with 27, while the Lib Dems national capitulation was echoed in the capital as they lost some big hitters to wind up with just one MP, Tom Brake in Carshalton and Wallington.

These are the ten biggest results and surprises from overnight:

This Is Local London: London Mayor Boris Johnson pledges backing for Croydon 3rd city bid if Tories win election

London election results - 10 most surprising
Boris is Back

It’s not so much a surprise, but Boris Johnson is back Parliament. The Conservative London Mayor took 50 per cent of the vote to take victory in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency. Bro-Jo won in Orpington too.

This Is Local London: Vince Cable was in Southampton to open a new 7.5m car terminal at the port

London election results - 10 most surprising


At one stage in 2010, people thought Vince Cable would make a good chancellor. He’s been an MP since 1997 and was Business Secretary in the last Government but no more.

The people of Twickenham have voted in Tory Tania Mathias. The GP took 41 per cent of the vote to Cable’s 38 per cent.

This Is Local London: Kingston and Surbiton MP Ed Davey

London election results - 10 most surprising

Lib Dems lost their Ed

Miliband wasn’t the only Ed having a miserable night. Thanks to his result being one of the early ones, Ed Davey became the first cabinet member to lose his seat since 1997. His 7,560 vote majority in Kingston and Surbiton from 2010 vanished as Tory James Berry triumphed by 2,800.

This Is Local London: Natalie Bennett

London election results - 10 most surprising

Oh no, Natalie

While Caroline Lucas triumphed down in Sussex, Green party leader Natalie Bennett stood in Holborn and St Pancras – and got humbled.

Former Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer romped to victory for Labour with 53 per cent of the vote. Bennett limped into third with 13 per cent.

Sutton News Blog – Most marginal?

In the last election, Hampstead and Kilburn was the second tightest seat with just 42 votes carrying retiring MP Glenda Jackson to victory for Labour. The party extended their lead with Tulip Siddiq beating Conservative rival Simon Marcus by just over 1,000 votes.

London election results - 10 most surprising

This Is Local London: Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes

32 years and out

After more than three decades as an MP, former Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes has lost his seat. He lost in Bermondsey and Old Southwark by 4,489 votes to Labour’s Neil Coyle.

This Is Local London: Not ruffled: Lynne Featherstone MP said she was flattered by Richard Merril’s attack

London election results - 10 most surprising

Bye, Lynne!

In the London election results another Liberal Democrat big hitter to lose her seat was Lynne Featherstone on Hornsey and Wood Green. Catherine West, Labour, won 29,417 votes (51 per cent) to Featherstone’s 18,359 (32 per cent).

This Is Local London: Worried: Deputy leader of Hounslow’s Labour group, Ruth Cadbury

London election results - 10 most surprising

Sweet victory for Cadbury

Labour didn’t claim too many seats from the Tories in the London election results but one place they did was in Brentford and Isleworth.

Ruth Cadbury took advantage of a collapse in the Lib Dem vote to take a victory over the sitting Tory MP, Mary Macleod by just 465 votes.

Labour’s share in the constituency grew by nearly 7,000 votes while Mcleod for the Conservatives also took more than 4,000 extra votes than in 2010. This was due to the Lib Dems shedding a massive 10,500 votes.

Tight night in Ealing Central and Acton – London election results

It was a tense night at the Ealing Central and Acton count, with Labour taking a very narrow victory to steal the seat from the Conservatives.

Sociology lecturer Rupa Huq, who is also the older sister of former Blue Peter presenter Konnie, scored an upset with a win by 274 votes over incumbent Angie Bray.

This Is Local London: Chuka Umunna humbled by Streatham victory

London election results - 10 most surprising

Poised to lead?

We don’t yet know what’s going to happen with the Labour leadership, but Chuka Umunna may well be a front runner if there is a race given his performance in the London election results.

Unlike shadow chancellor Ed Balls, Umunna is well positioned having won his seat in Streatham with 53 per cent of the vote.

Carshalton Firefighter back from Nepal rescue duty

A fire fighter has returned to the UK after volunteering to help the search and rescue effort in Nepal.

Mark Gatfield, 41, of Mill Lane, Carshalton, who works for the Surrey Fire and Rescue service, left for Nepal on May 2, with Serve On to aid with the humanitarian effort in the country.

Serve On is a non-profit group that, among other duties, acts as emergency responders to natural disasters.

Working in the outlying villages and small towns around the country’s capital Kathmandu to search for survivors following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck on April 25.

He said: “It was all a bit surreal really.

“Many of the houses were ruined with families inside, trapped under the rubble. In some cases our dogs were able to find survivors, but in a lot of cases there was nothing that we could do.”

e2e06_3750378Mr Gatfield said the Nepalese were strong and resilient despite the huge suffering and devastation caused by the earthquake.

He added: “It was life as normal for a lot of people.

“You would see a building completely collapsed, but next door a shop would be open and selling goods for the survivors.

“Even those who had lost family and friends were calm in the face of it. Of course they wanted the bodies of those they cared about to be returned to them, but it was so they could send their spirits on.

“It isn’t a criticism, but shows a different outlook on life and how important it is that they hold onto their religious beliefs in difficult times.

“It was all very humbling.”

“I really want to thank the Surrey Fire and Rescue service for letting me go out there and do my part for those people.”

Sutton Guardian:

Mr Gatfield worked out in Nepal for a week trying to help the thousands hit by the earthquake

After news of the second earthquake that hit Nepal Mr Gatfield said that he was keeping an eye on the situation, but that he had not received any request to return to the country.

Mr Gatfield said: “We’ve been in close contact with the Gurkha forces over there, but they still have a lot of supplies from the last earthquake.

“But I’m still keeping a look out for what is happening over there, so far though we have had no request to deploy to Nepal.”

Deloitte employees may face action over St Helier ‘super-hospital’ leak

Top consultancy firm A top management consultancy firm which said it was “deeply regrettable” that its employees had leaked confidential plans being discussed on building an 800-bed super hospital to replace Epsom and St Helier has refused to reveal whether they faced any consequences.

39109_3680027Consultants from Deloitte shocked health campaigners, politicians and patients last month when it emerged they had held a conference call on the proposals on a commuter train, after a meeting with hospital trust chief executive Daniel Elkeles.

Less than three weeks before, Mr Elkeles told this newspaper that accident and emergency, maternity and children’s services would all be safe on both sites for the next five years and “people don’t have to worry about putting out the placards”.

The Deloitte consultants are on the payroll of the trust as part of its “full estates review”, through which it is considering options for the sustainability of both hospitals post-2020.


Campaigners protesting outside Epsom Hospital last month after the Deloitte leak 

The review is being funded by the trust and Sutton and Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Last week: Epsom and St Helier chairman apologises for “super hospital” leak

As news of the leak broke last month, Mark Smith, public relations and public affairs manager for Deloitte, said: “We have clear and strict policies, along with mandatory annual training for all staff, emphasising the importance of client confidentiality.

“This is a deeply regrettable incident and we are actively investigating the matter.”

But asked on Thursday what had come of the investigation and whether any action had been taken against the employees involved, Mr Smith said that because it was an “internal matter”, the company would not be commenting.

Deloitte is the largest provider of professional services in the world and provides consulting, tax, audit, financial advisory services and more.

It is known as one of the ‘Big Four’ professional services firms alongside PwC, EY and KPMG.

Night Bus – London shake up

Night bus services across the capital could be altered under new proposalsac139_3763998

Twenty extra night buses are set to be introduced when all-night Tube services begin in September.

Transport for London (TFL) has launched a consultation on the proposal, which would see 17 of the new services would run throughout Friday and Saturday nights, with three running seven nights a week.

The aim is to enable night Tube travellers further options.

All of these new services would follow the same route and run between the same points as the day service.

However, 17 night bus services currently in place could be scrapped, as it is anticipated that some passengers will choose to use the Tube instead.

Mike Weston, TfL’s Director of Buses, said: “London’s night buses carry more than 42 million passengers every year and demand has tripled since 1999, reflecting London’s development as an increasingly 24-hour city.

‘The introduction of the Night Tube will see journey times for customers cut by an average of 20 minutes, with some reduced by more than an hour. At the same time, night buses will continue to run frequently across London complementing Night Tube services, giving passengers more choice.”

Concern has been raised by members of the London Assembly that night buses could be preferable to passengers as they may travel closer to homes.

Belmont Hospital Sutton

St Helier Hospital Sutton – Stays if Labour win election

Labour’s Andy Burnham has said he would keep St Helier on its current site if he becomes health secretary after the general election

First published in News Sutton Guardian:
by Hardeep Matharu, Chief reporter – Epsom
Andy BurnhamAndy Burnham has said St Helier hospital “now needs security” and would stay open on its existing site if he is health secretary after the general election.

The Labour politician’s comments come two weeks after secret plans to close both Epsom and St Helier hospitals and replace them with an 800-bed super site in Sutton were leaked.

From April 14: Secret plans to close Epsom and St Helier and build new “super hospital” overheard on train

He made no comment on Epsom Hospital, raising questions about whether he believes Epsom should be closed.

In a statement, Mr Burnham, who would be health secretary if a Labour government is formed after the May 7 election, said: “I am really concerned to find out that there is yet another consultation being conducted on the future of St Helier hospital.”

“There have already been endless consultations costing the NHS millions of pounds, money which would have been better spent on patient care.

“All of these consultations have reached exactly the same answer – that St Helier should stay open on its current site.

“In the interests of patients, staff and the local community St Helier Hospital now needs security.

“If I am Secretary of State for Health after the election I will veto such plans and require the funds, already allocated for the upgrading of the hospital, to be spent”.

Sutton Guardian:

Pensioner reversing accident

Pensioner Dies in Reversing Incident

A pensioner died after his wife accidentally reversed her car into him as he stepped out of the vehicle, an inquest has heard.

John Tulley, 83, was getting out of the car outside Manor Drive Medical Centre in Manor Drive, Worcester Park, for a routine appointment on February 14 last year, when he was crushed between a parked car and the car he had exited.

Feb 18 2014: Pensioner who died ‘after falling out of ‘slow-moving vehicle’ named as John Tulley, 83

In a statement read to an inquest at West London Coroner’s Court on Monday, April 20, witness Nick Stokell said he was turning into Manor Drive when he heard a “loud noise” and noticed a man who may have been stepping out of a car.

He said: “The impression I had then was a car [was] moving and it reversed very fast.

“As I got to the blue [parked] car, I realised it was locked and I saw an elderly man lying on the floor.

“He was unconscious and was not moving.”

Paramedics from London Ambulance Service were called, but Mr Tulley, who lived in nearby Idmiston Square, near Plough Green and Manor Park, Old Malden, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A month earlier, Mr Tulley had fallen out of his bed and injured his arm and was visiting the doctor’s surgery twice a week to have the dressings on his wound changed.

Reading from a collision investigation report, coroner Chinyere Inyama said: “Doris Tulley [his wife] was driving John Tulley to a doctor’s appointment.

“It is not clear how the accident occurred but what was clear was John Tulley was getting out the car when Mrs Tulley started to reverse at speed.

“Nothing suggests why Mrs Tulley reversed but she failed to observe her husband.”

Mr Inyama recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Cheam Leisure Centre

Cheam Leisure Centre Refurbishment

Great British aquatic athletes joined celebrations over the completion of a £3.3m leisure centre refurbishment.

Commonwealth gold medal winning swimmer Adam Whitehead, water polo captain Fran Leighton and synchronised swimmer Adele Carlsen were alongside more than 1,000 visitors to Cheam leisure centre on Saturday taking part in inflatable fun activities in the pool group exercise classes and taster sessions.

Cheam Leisure CentreMore than 100 children took part in an Oceans of Fun event with the GB athletes and learned a variety of skills.

The centre, owned by Sutton Council but run by contractors Everyone Active, has undergone essential repairs, particularly to the pool roof.

Mark Basker, the contract manager for Everyone Active, said: “The budget for the recent works was set by the local authority – this was for essential repairs to the pool roof, without which the centre would have had to have been closed permanently.

No spend was assigned to the fitness suite during this stage of refurbishment, however, £650k was spent on upgrading fitness equipment, changing rooms and the reception area in 2011 and 2012.”

The disruption caused while the work has been taking place has come in for some criticism.

David Ford wrote to the Sutton Guardian: “I have been a member at Cheam leisure for a considerable time and while the funding to upgrade the site was welcomed, the misery endured through inept planning and consideration for members has been truly woeful.

“Some three plus millions have been spent and yet the only facilities to remain open during nine months (originally six) were the gym and exercise classes.”

Mr Ford also complained temporary changing rooms were at first not supplied, and then removed a week before the new facilities were available to use.

Mr Basker confirmed temporary changing rooms were only provided two weeks after works began, and again were removed early, but explained this was as early as possible to fit in with the building contractors needs, and customers were fully briefed on the arrangements.

The Malden Road centre is now fully open again to the public.

Cost cutters worcester park

Cigarette Robbery in Epsom

Costcutter store in Vale Road, Worcester Park

Cost cutters worcester park

Sutton Guardian: Photograph of the Author
by Alice Foster, Senior reporter – Epsom

Robbers in balaclavas forced a delivery truck driver to hand over boxes of cigarette packets near a Costcutter yesterday.

The two men went up to the driver and demanded the cigarettes near the convenience store in Vale Road, Worcester Park, at about 7.15am.

The thieves took the cigarettes and quickly drove off in a grey Audi getaway car in the direction of Cuddington Avenue.

Detective Constable Errol Chetty said: “Although no weapons were seen or violence threatened, the fact these men had prepared themselves with balaclavas suggested they wanted to cause fear to the driver and they must be caught.

“I believe there were several people in the area around the time the offence was committed who have not yet spoken with police.

“Potential witnesses may not have realised what was happening at the time but any information they can provide could be useful the investigation and therefore I would urge them to get in touch.”

As part of their investigation detectives are searching for the driver of a grey Audi which left the M25 at junction 6 at about 7.30am yesterday.

The car was seen using the hard shoulder in the anticlockwise direction before mounting the grass verge at the traffic lights and turning towards either Godstone or Lingfield.

DC Chetty said: “I would appeal to the driver of this vehicle to come forward.

“At this stage in the investigation we do not know if this car links to the robbery but we need to speak to the occupants of the vehicle.

“I would also like to ask anyone who believes they may have seen this car to contact Surrey Police as your information could prove vital to our investigation.”

Anyone with information should call Surrey Police, quoting reference 45150030966. Or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Orphaned ducklings

Mother duck mowed down outside infant school

A mother duck crossing the road with her ducklings was mowed down yesterday to the horror of a school community.

School caretakers stood in the road to help the mother duck cross, but the motorist “zoomed around them” and killed the duck, which had been nesting at Ewell Castle School in Ewell Village.

The two men had been carrying the duckings across Spring Street in a cardboard box and took them to the Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF) Hospital in Leatherhead.

Michelle Phillips, headteacher, said: “We had a dreadful situation involving the mother duck that had been nesting on our Chessington Lodge site opposite Bourne Hall.

“She was well-known and loved by staff and children alike.”

The headteacher said the caretaking team stood in the road to protect mother as she went across the busy road to the pond in Bourne Hall.

She said: “When suddenly this driver zoomed around them, rather than waiting and killed her. The whole school community were very upset as you can imagine.”

She added: “The plan is for us to fundraise for the animal hospital in gratitude for their help and all the work they do.

“It would be good to shame whoever is responsible for this selfish and cruel act.”

Graham Tapp, who was helping the ducks to cross with his boss Steve Miller, said the hit-and-run driver swerved round them and killed the mother duck.

Orphaned ducklingsMr Tapp said: “We were left holding the box of ducklings in the middle of the road. We took the duckings into the school and then took them to the Leatherhead wildlife hospital.”

Madhurittu Puri, who works in the school’s nursery, said the father and mother ducks, known as Mr and Mrs Mallard, have been seen at the school for about eight years.

Mrs Puri said: “Every year the mother duck walks her ducklings across the road when they are going to learn swimming.

“I’m quite upset about it because they have been part of our school for quite a long time. I’m upset because the ducklings lost their mum but the people at Wildlife Aid were lovely.”

Simon Cowell, founder of the WAF, said: “It’s tragic. At this time of year in particular everybody needs to take a care because everything is nesting.

“When you see something going on in the road you should stop and wait rather than drive straight on and kill a mother duck.”

Mr Cowell said they will take care of her ducklings until they are ready to be released back into the wild and welcomed the fundraising by the school.

He said: “Fantastic. That’s really kind. We get an awful lot of money from people who help us and it’s often children.”

Ewell resident Paul Warner said: “It’s sad when something like this happens. I think motorists should take a bit more care because there are a lot of ducks in the area.

“I know people can be in a bit of a rush but they should take more care.”

To donate to Wildlife Aid visit

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